- "Ray,,, Excellent job with the siding; and everything else for that matter.
You said that you did good work, and you proved it.
I would like to vent the dryer as soon as you have some time. Thanks. "

- “Ray’s work is exceptional, he’s spot on and he explained every detail to me”.
Ray installed new Anderson replacement windows in my historic home.  We started out with the upstairs only.  After the windows were installed we loved the great look and the workmanship quality. We had Ray do the downstairs also. I would highly recommend Ray.  I loved the fact that he gets it when it comes to historic homes. On a scale of 1 to 10 Ray is an 11.

"I have three full bathrooms in my home.  I’m disabled and I needed a contractor that could meet my many needs. My wife and I decided to have one bathroom remodeled.  Before Ray was finished with the first bathroom we were so impressed with his work that we had him start the plans for the second bathroom to be remodeled.  Both bathrooms are beautiful and we enjoy them every day.  Thank You."

David - "I can't believe how honest you guys are."

 - "You were very considerate of our personal property during our remodeling project."

- "It is always a pleasure to work with Ray. I see why your name is Accurate."

- "With the amount of demo in the very next room, I'm impressed that there was no dust."

- "You were very knowledgable when it came to designing our project."

- "You made us aware of considerations we had not thought about."

- "We could never have imagined that our home could feel even more comfortable."

- "You totally transformed our bathroom. We went from having the oldest looking home on the street to the newest. We love our new home and thank you for it every day."

- "After three diffrent contractors and tens years of trying I was at the end of my rope. I'm so glad you were able to correct what neither of the others could. Thank you for the piece of mind."

- "I had a new contemporary home built in 2004 by a quality builder (2800 sq ft of living space). After the completion of the project their were several defects in workmanship. The majority of the defects covered by my warranty were never repaired. These workmanship defects add up to several thousand dollars in repairs. Ray is now working on fixing the remaining defects. Ray gave me a written five year warranty on his workmanship."

- "Thanks for your thoughtful approach to all that you do. Its always a pleasure talking to you."