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Buying the best windows and doors for your home is important, but wading through the mountain of information and unfamiliar terminology can become overwhelming and frustrating at best!

So why not let Accurate Construction Services, a company with over 30 years experience offer you some friendly, knowledgeable and easy to understand advice.

We have ‘scores’ of installed windows and doors to back up our experience.

No matter the age or architectural style of your home, we can make the right suggestions in every instance making it easy for you to come to a decision you will be very happy with.

Let us ‘de-clutter’ all the options for you and help you choose the best, windows, doors, and type of installation that best suits your home.

Quality products…fair prices…’White Glove’ installation…including our free 5 year extended warranty… you could not go wrong in choosing our company for a quote today!

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For more information please call Ray Fritzsche at (845) 566-4025.